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Tense Checker Functions

The verb tense checker has several functions that can help improve your content. Here are some of the major functions:

Finds Tense-Related Mistakes

 The verb tense finder is able to detect tense-related errors and suggest ways to fix them. For example, if you wrongly stated action in past tense or past participle, it can suggest a better way to write in the present tense. It also detects errors when using other tenses and suggests the best tense according to the context.

Fixes Punctuation & Spelling Errors

In addition to fixing tense, the tense agreement checker also finds and suggests fixes for punctuation and spelling errors. It checks your words against the context to determine the best word to use. Then, it suggests the word that best fits the context. This helps you find and fix typos with lots of ease, especially where you have a long document such as a college paper. Besides, the tense shift checker also checks for missing punctuations or poorly used ones and suggests a replacement.

Fixes Sentence Structure

Poor sentence structure may cause the sentence to be hard to understand and beak the flow of your content. The app to help with tense issues checks sentence structure for errors. Where there is poor sentence structure, missing words, redundancy, and poor noun-verb agreement, the tool provides some guidelines on how to write correctly and fix the errors. The verb tense corrector also fixes other grammar errors such as noun errors, overuse of conjunctions, and misuse of articles. It offers an all-round tense and grammar check to ensure conciseness and improve comprehension.

Reasons to Try Verb Tense Checker

The present tense tool helps writers detect and fix issues with the present tense and other tenses. Correct use of tenses helps readers understand when a given action took place and relate it to other activities described in the content. This tool helps ensure that the present tense is well captured in their content. Once you learn how to check your verb tenses for consistency,  here are other reasons why you should use the tool:

  • The past tense finder picks various present tense errors to ensure that their work is error-free and easy to understand
  • It makes proofreading work a lot easier and fast as it automatically detects mistakes in a piece of work.
  • It makes suggestions about correcting present tense errors, making it easy to fix mistakes even if the student has a poor command of English.
  • The tense detector understands the context of the content to provide the best tense that brings out the intended message.
  • The free tense shift checker finds other writing errors such as nouns and past tense to bring out good quality writing.

Why You Should Use the Verb Tense Finder Regularly

Once you learn how to check a paper for correct tense, you should always check your work before submitting it or publishing it. Here are the reasons why it is important:


It ensures that you submit or publish error-free work. For students, this increases their chances of getting a good grade. It shows a good command of the language for writers and publishers and establishes authority in the said topic.


It makes it easier to go through large chunks of work in a relatively short time when compared to manual proofreading. Also, it helps to improve one’s understanding of the English language as it pinpoints the mistakes and provides suggestions for every error detected.


The software detecting verb tense is accurate in finding and suggesting fixes to improper tense use. Unlike manual proofreading where you are likely to miss some of the words, this tool detects all the errors and gives you suggestions on how to improve each.


The tense grammar analyzer is easy to use. It has no technical features and does not require any training to get started. Just open the past tense detector, paste your content, and start checking the errors.


It does not store your paper. You can remove your work after proofreading. Therefore, there is no chance that unauthorized third parties will get to see your paper and use your work as their own.


The tense check online tool does not require one to download and install it on their devices. It is a purely online tool that finds and corrects mistakes. This means that the computing resources or incompatibility of their devices would not limit students and writers. As long as the device in question has an internet connection and a browser, it can check tense issues.

Why Is It Important to Use Correct English Tenses?

Tenses are important parts of speech as they show when the action you are describing actually took place. There are three main tenses, present tense, past tense, and future tense. However, each of these tenses can be used in any of the four forms: simple, continuous, perfect, or perfect continuous tense. Therefore, it is essential that you understand when the action was done and the number of times it was done. With that in mind, here are other reasons why it is important to use the correct English tense.

The use of correct tense helps you to communicate clearly and effectively. This helps improve the level of readability for your content and enhance comprehension.

By using the correct tense, you are able to relate different actions on a paper. Therefore, readers are able to know what action started and how each relates to another.

Tenses affect the structure of your sentence. Poor use of tenses always results in poor sentence structure as the writer tries to join different verbs.

What Are The Consequences of Writing Sentences without Tense Fixer?

If you do not use the correct tenses in your writing, here are some of the things that might happen to you:

Unclear Communication

Incorrect use of tenses can lead to misinformation or unclear communication. Here is an example, if you describe an event that is to happen in the future as one that happened in the past, readers might think it already occurred. Some actions such as prescriptions, going to a clinic, or doing repairs are reliant on correct timing. Therefore, unclear communication is likely to result in costly mistakes.

Low Grades

When writing papers, poor use of tense often leads to low grades. A low grade may have far-reaching implications on your career and may make you miss some of your goals. Professors require a paper to be done right, in terms of not only research and analysis but also grammar and tenses. Therefore, students have to polish their tenses before submitting their work to show mastery of the language and topic they are handling.

Poor First Impressions

Improper use of tenses can result in poor first impressions. People tend to make assumptions about your abilities and expertise based on the communication with them. Therefore if they notice various errors in your writing, they are more likely to think that you are poor in your field.

What Are the Best Practices of Tense Correction?

 Always check your tenses every time you complete your paper. Also, go through your work after using the verb tense consistency checker to ensure that the work is not choppy. Besides, write in good time so that you have enough time to proofread your work without a hurry.

Once you know how to fix verb tense problems using software, your proofreading can be easy and fast. Our tool can help in fixing your tense and grammar issues for all your writing. It automatically finds, underlines errors, and suggests fixes to the issues. It is very accurate at detecting even the most minor of errors in your writing. There is no limit to the number of papers that you can check in a day. You can always open the app to help with tense issues every time you write some content. This makes it a versatile tool for any marketer or writer who creates short pieces for use on social media pages, email marketing, or blogging.

What Types of Paper Can Be Corrected through Free Tense Shift Checker?

You can check the following papers with the present tense corrector:

Academic papers

You can check assignments, dissertations, term papers, and thesis using our tool.

Social media articles

If you post content on social media pages regularly, the checking tense app can help check and fix your tenses.

Blogs and marketing materials

It checks tenses and other errors on your blog articles, website content, email marketing, and other marketing materials.

To proofread your work, just copy your work, paste it onto the editor on the tense converter online, and allow it to find errors. In a minute, it will underline errors and provide suggestions. Go through each and correct accordingly. In the end, your work will be polished, easy to read, and have perfect grammar. Copy the finished paper onto your word document and save it.

Use our tense detector now to correct all types of papers fast and effectively!