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A tense tester is one of the popular tools amongst students and different professionals whose work involves writing such as bloggers, salespersons, PR professionals and content creators. Here are some of the reasons why these tools are very popular:

  • They help find and fix faulty tenses that they may miss when doing manual proofreading.
  • They are easy to use and do not require technical knowhow to use them in the content.
  • Many of them have several features that include grammar checkers and punctuation fixers that help ensure concise writing.
  • Some of them are free to use with all the features of a premium service. Premium ones come with various new features that include sentence changers, word choice fixers and language checkers.
  • The faulty tense sequence checker is a versatile tool that understands the context of your content to make the right tense and grammar adjustments in your writing.

Helpful Tips to Check Your Tenses with English Grammar Tenses Software

You can use change tenses in a sentence tool to find and fix tenses in your paper. Here are a few helpful tips to get started:

tips on how  to proofread tenses
  • If you have a long paper, check bits of the work using the tool. You may check chapter by chapter so that it is easy to go through each section of the work.
  • Pick a tool that does not save your work. This ensures that your work is safe from unauthorized access. If the tool saves your work, it should prompt you to sign up so that you have control of what happens to your content.
  • Read your work as you make changes. Proofread tenses and make the required changes as per the suggestions made by the tool. This helps you determine if the resulting sentence is grammatically correct.
  • Give your work a final look after the tenses error correction to ensure that it reads well and that all your ideas are captured. Otherwise, the tool will have dealt with any tense errors in your writing.
  • Make it a habit to check each paper for tense errors with the tense agreement checker before submitting your work.
  • Determine your primary tenses before checking your work. You may fix past tense for historical articles and use the present tense converter for work written in the present tense.

Tense Agreement Checker vs Manual Proofreading: What Is Better?

If you are good at grammar, you may as well read your article and correct your tense errors. However, you can just rely on your tenses error correction tool to handle the job for you. Here are the benefits and cons of using each method.

Manual Proofreading


  • You can understand your writing better than any software tool. Therefore, you are likely to do a better job in proofreading tenses
  • If you are good in English, proofreading may take just a short while, and you will rarely miss any mistakes
  • You are able to correct your work on your word processor with ease


  • Manual proofreading takes time. You may not go through your work effectively if you do not have enough time
  • If you are not good at English, you might not do a good job correcting your work
  • You might also miss some tense errors in your work during proofreading

Use of Tense Agreement Checker


  • It speeds the process of proofreading your work as it goes through it faster than manual proofreading
  • It is able to proofread different types of mistakes such as punctuation, grammar and tense errors. Therefore, by the time you are done correcting your work, it is concise and grammatically correct
  • It is easy to use and does not require you to download and install any application. Therefore, you can use it on any device
  • It understands the contexts and makes appropriate recommendations. Therefore, it can effectively do paragraph editing with mixed tenses
  • It works for students asking, “Help me recognize verb tenses.” Besides, it helps them write effectively over time. This makes it a good tool for writers where English is the second language


  • You have to paste your work to the editor for English tenses revision
  • Different tools have different ways of how to check a paper for correct tense
  • Among the two, using a tense checker has fast and better results than manual proofreading. Therefore, consider using the software tool for all your proofreading needs

How Do You Use a Tense Checker?

Here is how to find correct tense of verb with our software:

  1. Copy your content and paste it to the editor of your tool
  2. Allow the verb tenses corrector to proofread the work, checking for mixed verb tenses as it reads your work
  3. Go through the work fixing your article as recommended by the tool
  4. Copy the polished work onto your word processor
  5. Save the work

What Errors Can Tense Tester Correct?

This tool can correct various errors that include the following:

faulty tense sequence checker functions
  • Fix past tense in historical passages and clauses
  • Detect and correct tenses in paragraphs with mixed tenses
  • Recommend grammatical changes in sentences written in poor grammar
  • Fix missed or wrong use of punctuation marks
  • Correct typos and spelling mistakes along with poor word choice mistakes in your paper

Enhance the quality of your paper with our verb tenses fixer!