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A present tense checker is a popular tool among writers and students and bloggers across the world. It helps find and fix errors to do with the present tense. Given that tenses allow readers to determine when the action was completed, the improper use of present tense can lead to confusion, and the message is lost in the process. However, with the verb tense checker, writers are able to describe all actions that happen in the present. Here is how to fix the present tense and past tense in a sentence and other quick tips.

How to Check for Present Tense Like a Pro

tips on how to check for present tense

Always consider active voice

In active voice, the writer presents the subject before the action. It enhances clarity and makes your work concise. Always keep the passive voice less than 10% of your writing. Here is an example of a present tense sentence in an active voice. “Mary goes to work by train.” (Present continuous)

Determine when actions happen

In an article, you may have actions happening in the past, present, or the future. In most cases, you will use all three tenses at different locations. However, keep in mind that your article should take readers into other timelines and back to the present if you write in the present tense.

Be careful with present perfect tense

The present perfect tense shows the link between the past and the present. For example,’ “I have just taken breakfast.” However, it can be used to show activities that happened in the past but are continuing in the present. For example, “I have lived in this city for ten years.” Recheck your work when using present perfect to different past, continuing, or present actions.

Proofread your work after writing

It is possible to mix tenses when writing. Therefore, it is important that you proofread your work after writing. Consider using our present tense converter to help find tense errors in your work and provide instant fixes.

Mistakes You May Correct Using Verb Tense Consistency Checker

If you are wondering,” Is my paper using present tense correctly?” Here are some mistakes you need to check.

Use of wrong verb form

Many writers use a wrong verb form to describe events that have taken place, are taking place, or continuing. Always determine when in the storyline that your action takes place. This enables you to select the best verb form to use. Our tool works for those asking, “Can a tool convert my sentence to present tense for me?” in a few clicks.

Inconsistent tenses

 If you mix up tenses in a way that customers do not understand where in your timeline that different activities take place, your piece will be hard to understand. Pick the primary tense and keep to the tense throughout your writing. This does not prevent you from describing activities in the past or will happen in the future. Always ask yourself, “should my paper be in present or past tense?”  Students can check the instructions to pick the best tense and voice for their papers. Our tool can help fix mixed up tenses for clear understanding.

Overusing passive voice and losing clarity

When users use verb forms excessively in passive voice, the passage becomes less clear and may lose meaning. Passive voice should not exceed 10% of the article. Besides, separate multiple actions into simple sentences for easy understanding.  Our turn sentences in present tense app underlines such errors and provides an easy fix.

Benefits of Using Present Tense Detector

Various benefits come with using a present tense corrector to check your papers. Here are some of the benefits:

present tense checker benefits
  • It helps fix issues with your work fast and accurately. There is no chance that it will miss some tense errors in your work. This makes proofreading a lot easier and fast, especially when you have little time to go through your work.
  • It is a versatile tool that also captures other writing errors, such as poor noun-verb agreement and other grammar errors. It provides actionable recommendations that you can implement for better writing in the future.
  • It offers a guideline of how to fix present tense and past tense in a sentence. If tense is a problem in your writing, this tool provides you with all the resources you need for quality, concise paper.
  • The past tense converter tool does not keep your work. Therefore, when using it, there is no risk that your work may be accessed or used by other parties.

How to Choose a Great Present Tense Fixer

Even if you know how to check for present tense, it is still recommended that you look for a good present tense fixer to check your work before submitting it. Here are some of the things that you should check when comparing different tools:

  • Ease of use: the ideal present tense detector should be easy to use.  You just open the app, upload or past the work for it to start checking automatically. You just need to paste your article on the editor when using our tool.
  • Versatility: verb tense consistency checker should do more than just checking your present tense. It can be an online app to change present tense to past tense, check other grammar errors and spelling. This way, you are able to fix several errors on your paper at once. This tool checks and fixes other errors.
  • Security: Your work should not be accessible to other parties while on the app. This reduces the chances of plagiarism. Where there is an option to store your article, the account should prompt you to have an account to manage your saved work. Our tool is safe and does store work.

Polish your work like a pro with our present tense corrector!